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There’s something different about family films.

On film you can see real personality - when I look back at old photos, everyone is posed and I can only see glimmers of who they were. But when I watch old 8mm film of my Nana playing on the beach at 10 years old, I see her. I find her again. I see my Great-Great Aunts and Uncles chucking each other in the creek and making human pyramids on the sand - they come alive to me. I can see their personalities, their family bond. I only wish I could hear their voices too!

My family film shoots are low pressure - I don’t ask your kids to pose, or smile. No one has to perform for me. They’re not expected to keep their clothes clean and tidy because that’s not real life! Let the kids get messy, let them run around in their PJs, let them get dirt on their faces, laugh until they cry. Maybe we’ll capture them having a bubble bath and bedtime stories, or having a fish and chip picnic at the park. What do you want to remember most? Their made-up dance routines on the trampoline? Climbing the trees in the backyard?



Your family, your life, your memories… your story, in film.

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‘All My Love’ Family Films

I like to call the ‘All My Love’ family films ‘cinematic love letters’. After filming for a few hours, either at home, or out doing something that’s special to your family, we’ll sit down and chat about the amazing little people your kids are. I’ll record just the audio and weave it into your film so it tells a story of your family.

Before the session, I send through prompts and questions so you can have a think about what you’d like to say, and then when we record, I’ll ask you questions so you don’t need to have it all planned out in advance. We can talk about the cool things your kids are learning, what ages and stages they’re at, what’s awesome about their personalities, and simply what you love about them. It’s easy; I promise.

You’ll get:

2-3 hours filming

30 minutes audio recording of your family’s story

A beautifully edited 3-5 minute ‘All My Love’ film set to licensed music and sent via link and wooden USB drive.


The Shaw Family - All My Love session3.jpg

‘Memory Keeper’ Family Films

‘Memory Keeper’ films are similar to the ‘All My Love’ sessions, except that we don’t record audio to weave in. These are 2-3 hours of filming set to music, and a little bit of ambient sound added in too - maybe when the kids are laughing or saying something cute! Another option is the Mini Memory Keeper film - take a look at ‘Eva’s Dance Lesson’ below. These can be for individual children, and special life chapter memories you want to keep, such as the morning of their first day at school or kindy, a dance lesson, or perhaps your child and their favourite pet. The possibilities are endless!

You’ll get:

2-3 hours filming (or 1 hour for a mini)

A beautifully edited 3-5 minute ‘Memory Keeper’ family film set to licensed music and sent via link and wooden USB drive. Mini ‘Memory Keeper’ films are 1-3 minutes in length.


($550 Mini Session)


‘Welcome to the World’ Newborn Films

These are perfect for the first 48 hours when you’re still in hospital, or in the early days of having brought baby home. Perhaps a full newborn photography session feels a little overwhelming and you’d like something simple and professional made to mark the occasion. These take less than an hour to film and I come to you. You might like to capture the very first meeting between an older sibling and the newest addition, or just want to remember those very early days when your world expanded to welcome your new little love. These early days go by in a blur of milky kisses so let’s tuck these memories carefully into your heart.

‘Welcome to the world’ newborn films are edited and delivered within 24 hours so they make the perfect baby announcement!

You’ll get:

30-60 mins filming

A beautifully edited 1-3 minute ‘Welcome to the world’ newborn film set to licensed music and sent via link and wooden USB drive.