Hi, I’m Emma, and I want to help you capture your life as it is.

Not just the polished, shiny, high-definition version, but the raw, imperfect, sometimes tear-stained version. Because when you’re looking back, it will be the real moments that really matter to you.

I’m here for you. I’m here for your kids when they are tired and biscuit-crumb-covered, and for when they’re so happy they can’t stop laughing. I’m here for your newborn when she meets her big brother for the first time and then for her first steps.

I’m here for your story when it’s difficult to tell, and for the times you want to tell everyone!

People choose me because of my ability to listen to them and to help them tell their story their way. I’ve seen enough of life to know how it rolls; you don’t need to impress me. You don’t need to perform for the camera. Just be you.

It’s an honour to be invited into a family’s life to capture their journey. It’s a joy and a privilege to present that journey in a way that can be preserved and handed down through the generations.

Imagine sitting with your children, or even them sitting with their children, and being able to press play on your shared story.

I’m Emma, and I do authentic. I do life. I’m here for you.


 I specialise in Newborn, Child and Family Films and Photography.


  There’s someone missing in your photos…



Your family loves you, not some perfect idea of you but the real you. The you who is so often stuck wielding the camera. All My Love puts you back into your own story where you belong, and where your family needs you to be. 

There will always be things that need to be done. There will always be reasons to wait, or to stay out of the camera’s way. But what won’t always be there is now

You as you are now. Your family as they are now. Your story as it is now.

So be a part of the now, and preserve it forever with All My Love.  


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