Your Newborn Session

Newborns are best photographed between 5 and 12 days old. This helps to get those lovely sleepy shots and usually makes the session run more smoothly. Sessions are run at my home in Richmond, Christchurch.

Dress your baby in something that doesn't go over the head and is easy to take off without too much disturbance. It is best if baby has had a good feed before arrival and a good amount of awake time, and they can be topped up again when you get here.

One suggestion is that you try and avoid spicy foods, citrus fruits and caffeinated drinks the day before and day of the session to avoid baby having gas or an upset tummy during the session. Babies that feel a bit uncomfortable don’t always settle very well and the goal is for you both to be relaxed and enjoy your session.

Sessions typically run for two to three hours. I take my time and there’s no pressure when baby needs to feed and settle again with you.

I would still love to photograph your little one if he or she is slightly older than a couple of weeks, but just bear in mind that we might not quite get those same sleepy photos. 
They’re very interested in what’s going on around them by that stage, so we can get some lovely lifestyle photos instead.
(Sometimes a three week old will surprise me and sleep like a champ!)