Preparing for your newborn session

For many of my clients, their newborn session is a family-first! Not only do they have a brand new little human joining this world, but having a newborn session done is a brand new adventure too!

Here are some tips and ideas that can really make a difference in helping to make your newborn session run as smoothly as possible. For new parents there are so many things to discover and think about - not to mention getting to know this amazing tiny person! So hopefully this advice will help you to feel prepared and ready to enjoy the session.

  • One of the most important pieces of advice is to try and keep baby awake in the hour or two before the session. This is a huge help in getting baby to sleep and the session to go far more smoothly.
  • If you're breastfeeding, please avoid spicy foods in the 24 hours prior so baby doesn’t have a gassy tummy in the session. Gassy babies don't settle very easily. 
  • Feed baby just before you leave for your session - car rides often help them to sleep and we can get the first images easily if their tummy is full and they’ve been lulled to sleep on the way! If we are doing sibling or family photos, these are the first images we will take once you get here. Depending on your preferences, the family photos can be taken in the clothes baby arrives in, or we can swaddle baby in a wrap.
  • If we are doing sibling photos, once they're finished (we do them first) they can be taken home or out for an hour or two while we finish baby's individual portraits. 
  • Dress baby in clothing that doesn’t need to go over their head - something buttoned or zippered is best. This way we can limit disturbance to the little one and keep them fast asleep.
  • Parents - dress in layers! I keep the room super nice and warm for baby's comfort (especially when they are wearing very little). A change of clothing is also a good idea in case of little accidents, though we do try and do the family shots before undressing baby to avoid that. 
  • And finally, don't forget to relax - feel free to bring a book or iPad (you can use the WiFi here) and just enjoy the time to sit and chill. Don't worry about baby wetting (or more!) on any of the blankets or props, it's all a very normal part of the experience. I've been wet on many times and there will be many more times to come I'm sure!

Following these tips will set us on the right path for an easy-going session, and you'll end up with special images you'll treasure forever. 



Lilian // NEWBORN

Lilian was a very alert little thing who wanted to see what was going on with all these new things around her! She was so calm and cute just looking at things in the room, and then, suddenly fell fast asleep wrapped up in her special blanket. Perfect!